2022 JEEP® Soft Top

2022 Jeep® Soft Top

May-June 15 – $260.
July, August – $280.
Sept. & Oct. – $260.

8:00 am to 4:30 pm 7 days/week

Sunday rentals must pick up night before, we open at noon on Sundays

Your Jeep may be available for pickup then night before, there is no additional charge.  We try to accommodate, but do not guarantee this option.

Pick-up may be available between 5:30- 6:00 pm the night before—check for availability.

Soft tops have tube doors (see photo). You will be exposed to the elements. Soft top rentals are rain or shine (maybe even snow!) The Jeep does have a bikini top that you may roll down for inclement weather.