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So you think you might want to be a tour guide?

Ouray, Colorado is the 4 wheel capital of the Lower 48! The surrounding area offers amazing scenery, thrilling trails to drive and opportunities to meet some interesting people and be apart of their memories that will last a life time. Colorado West Jeep Tours has some of the oldest operating permits in state of Colorado. Our tour season begins in mid May, and gets crazy from mid June to mid August. We always anticipate staying in operation until mid October, but that is always up to Mother Nature and daily road conditions.

Qualifications: Personality comes first. We need someone who is responsible yet entertaining;informative, yet interesting and always safety conscious , yet fun! Shall you keep reading? The single most important factor in hiring tour guides is not for their off road experience, but rather their ability to practice safety requirements, be personable, entertain and educate our guests.

Requirements: Guides are required to pass a physical, have a good driving record, be certified in 1st Aid and CPR.Trainees must learn about local history, ecology, environmental etiquette, company policies and procedures and how to drive and maneuver a tour vehicle. Returning guides are expected to read a lot as well, freshen their material and keep congruent with current events and ongoing changes. We expect our drivers to know more than they could share in one four-hour tour, but you need that kind of knowledge to draw from. Ride-a-longs are required for a total of 48 hours before being given their first assignment.

We are happy to train new drivers on all the aspects of driving a loaded tour jeep with paying guests. There are many responsibilities besides knowledge of the area and a sense of humor you will need to learn about no matter how many years of 4×4 experience you may have.

Still interested?
Trainees are not paid for their time learning the ways and responsibilities of being a tour guide. There are no fixed hours or number of days for seasonal employees. Guides are paid by the tour and rates are based on-half day or all-day tours, not the number of hours you worked or the number of guests you transported. The season starts and finishes at the whim of Mother Nature.

Are you still with us?
The weather and tourist flow can affect your biweekly pay check. We do expect you to be available on a set schedule even if we do not have any tours going out that day. We do require guides to be here at least one-half hour prior to departure, be available for either full-time or part-time work, do daily maintenance checks, clean and gas the vehicle used after each tour.

The good news!
You will meet some interesting people who will never forget you! If you do a good job they will even tip you for extra earnings! Most of our guides take the winter months off! You will learn about the most amazing place on earth and experience the grandeur of the San Juan Mountains! You will have the opportunity to learn some new skills and who knows where that will lead? You will be welcomed into the Colorado West family as well and live and work in of the worlds most scenic areas with a fascinating history.
(Learn about Ouray’s ‘s history, geography, and economy, and more about Ouray Today.)

So are you ready to be a tour guide?
Give us a call! we’d love to hear from you and see if your ready for the experience of a lifetime!
970-325-4014 or 800-648-JEEP
Ask for Jeff Lindberg

One other thing! We only operate from mid May to early October, then you have to find a winter job!

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